We've decided to partner with a Tech Giant!

We recently decided to partner with a technology giant to help individuals learn how to trade with state of the art applications and software paired with top notch education.

At BE, our mission is to create a place of work for 1 million people from their smartphone.

Our Founders, our visionary leaders, believed that equipping you with an opportunity to own a digital business, accessible anywhere and anytime through mobile, could prepare a better you for a better tomorrow. Furthermore, help you reach your full potential and provide a better life for you and your family.

Our approach disrupts the traditional direct selling industry model by first understanding that the world is shifting to the digital age. With that, our Founders created an unparalleled, ever-evolving company with a unique ecosystem that provisions to education, travel, telecommunications, transportation, and more.

BE has one of the most innovative offices in Dubai.

Let's take a look at what BE has to offer...

Now let's take a deeper look at these amazing products that caught our attention...


The most comprehensive, yet ready to use market alert app in the world.

WOW - World of Wisdom

WOW is the best streaming platform for skill enhancement worldwide.

Mind Hub

Mind Hub is empowering individuals to reach their goals and pursue their goals and dreams.

Nitro Forex (NFX)

NFX is the app that will deliver in the palm of your hands the right moment and the right opportunities in the market.

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