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The first thing you need to do when you start your business, is figure out the true reason why you need to make this work. Why do you deserve this income? Why do you want to become successful? We call this your "Why". The reason it's important to discover your "Why" is because this business can be hard at times. Having a strong "Why" will help you get through the struggle and lead you to success. The larger the "Why", the easier the "How" is. Your "Why" should not just be for money or cars; it should be larger than that. Many young people are doing this to be able to retire their parents and several already have. Others want to establish time freedom for the rest of their lives so that they never have to work a job again. Having powerful "Why's" such as these will allow you to have the strength that is needed to achieve success in any business you do!


Now that you have established your “Why” it is time for you to make a commitment to yourself, your goals, your “Why,” and your Business! Why bother making a commitment? Because if there’s one thing we can guarantee, it is that you will have struggles, setbacks, and even some failures. However, if you have a Strong “Why,” a Letter of Commitment, and you focus on failing forward, you will achieve the success you have always wanted!

The phrase, "Rome was not built in a day," lets us know that things that are worth building take some time. Unfortunately, when it comes to building a home-based business, too many people quit on themselves way too early on. This sabotages their success and ultimately undermines their income goals.

By setting proper expectations, both you and your success partner will have an understanding of what can realistically be done and the timeline that you are committing to. Essentially, we want you to understand that different people move at different speeds, and your level of experience might accelerate success, but under no circumstances should anyone quit on their dreams in the first 6 months.


Establishing your goals is crucial in this business because you are your own boss. There is no one telling you what to do, so for you to be successful, you have to know what it is that you would like to achieve with your business. 

​Goal setting is crucial to accomplishing great things in life. Like the oxygen to our dreams, goals are what take us forward in life. Without goals you lack focus and direction. Not only that, it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding.

This checklist will run you through the simple steps and strategies to achieve your life goals & sustain it long-term!

The common meaning of goal is something that any person wishes to achieve, but only we ourselves can truly define our unique goals to ourselves.

So how do we perfectly set goals that will launch our work to success? Before trying to answer this question, we must first understand why so many have failed to set their goals.

10 Reasons Why People Fail at Setting Goals:
1. Not REALIZING the Importance of Setting Goals
2. Writing Only the Long Term Goals
3. Pre-Belief that It Won’t Work
4. Writing Our Goals as Negative Statements
5. Generic Goals
6. Measuring Results
7. Setting Irrelevant Goals
8. Setting Unrealistic Goals
9. Not Having a Reasonable TIME FRAME for Achievement
10. Allowing the Opinions of Others Stop You from Achieving Your Goals

After learning the common mistakes of goal setting, it is easy to believe that we could achieve our goals as long as we are able to define the obstacles and the methods to succeed. However, what most people have neglected throughout their journey of pursuing success, is the sheer determination to sacrifice many other things along the way.

Instead of asking ourselves questions like “What kind of success do you wish to have? How much resources are you willing to use to reach your goal?”, we must be able to answer “How badly do you want to do this? How much can you sacrifice for this?” What motivates us must not only be extrinsic, it must also be intrinsic.

Many want to be famous and successful with their work but few realize that having goals is just the easy part. After all, very few people can give up their lifestyles, doubt their beliefs or even risk their relationships with people to thrive.

​The sky is the limit. Everybody wants a gold medal. Not many are willing to train, eat and live like a world champion.

In other words, setting goals with only the future rewards in sight will not prepare us well mentally. To be the best, we must be able to bear all the costs to reach our goals.
We need to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

Specific Goals
Goals which are not clearly defined will not lead us to our desired destinations in life. If the goals are our destinations but we cannot specify them, we will probably lose our directions during our work even if we are presented with multiple methods to achieve our goals. As mentioned in this chapter and also the previous one, we will waste a lot of resources if we do not have conviction in the specificity of our goals. Remember, goals show us the way so we must spell out every single detail to get us to where we want.

Measurable Goals
Goals which are immeasurable are those which are vaguely defined and hence, we will not be able to track our progress. Quantifying both our progress and goals, and then comparing both can indicate our performance and success rate. Such indication could also be used as analysis for further improvements in our performance. Body weight management programs, budgeting, running distance and time, building construction and many other goals are made up of absolute quantifications. Using measurements of results, we can tell how much we have improved or progressed, and we won’t even miss the celebration without knowing we have achieved certain goals!

Attainable Goals
Setting goals which are realistically possible to achieve means building more success on top of another. In contrast, working on goals which are impossible or too challenging to achieve will only break our perseverance and determination in the long term. We will surely lose motivation if we cannot achieve any rewards we wish for despite our best efforts. In spite of such idea, we should always resist the appeal of setting goals that are too easy to accomplish. This is because constantly setting easy goals will generate a comfort zone for us. While we indulge in completing these easy goals, we become insensitive to our needs to improve. In the end, we are so afraid of failures and non-achievement that we will not risk setting a more challenging goal. The particular way of setting such goals is to divide the goal into measurable upper and lower bounds. For instance, if you have reached the lower boundary of your goal, e.g. the running distance of 5 kilometers in 30 minutes, instead of running the same distance in the same amount of time, you could try to run further in 30 minutes or run the same distance in
shorter time. These goals can be adjusted from time to time but in certain situations like running, we can definitely attempt at a longer distance knowing we have achieved during the run itself. In other words, we set attainable goals to be aware of the level of difficulties and the rewards for our efforts. We have to adjust the levels of difficulties to our preferences so as not to fall into our comfort zone or feel de-motivated in the future.

Relevant Goals
Concentrating on relevant goals does not only save us from unnecessary venture into other distractions. It also allows us to PRACTICE our best skills, expand our knowledge in particular subject and gain invaluable experience for future growth. It sometimes can be difficult for us to separate the goals which we are very eager to accomplish from the ones which we feel are relevant and beneficial to our future. Therefore, it is a primary yet very essential step to ensure our goals are constantly relevant.

Time- bound goals
Deadlines, time limits or even day by day progress are some of the measures we can set for ourselves to ensure progress. Besides, setting goals with a certain time frame will help us anticipate delays and prevent any unnecessary delays. Without such sense of timing, there will be less or no urgency for us to complete even the easiest tasks. As such, our commitment will dwindle and we might even start to get comfortable with procrastinating work. Thus, we must always remind ourselves of the expected development in the timeline we have set for our dreams to come true.

Now that we have understood all the S.M.A.R.T goal setting concepts, we must not forget that we have to write our goals down and set reminders. To get these reminders to be more effective, we can set them on our phones or even place sticky notes in places like our work desk, on the refrigerator with the magnets or even on our TV. One of our favorites is writing our goals on our mirrors. 


It is crucial that when you get started in any sales business to make a physical list of everyone you know that could use your products or services in some way or another. Two great resources to help make your list is checking your Facebook friends and cell phone contacts. Whether it be from a health standpoint, for money, or for time freedom - virtually everyone can benefit from your business in some way.

Make your list as large as possible.100+ people that you would like to HELP should be the goal. Make sure to always have this list on you and CONSTANTLY BE ADDING to it and taking notes on any conversations you have with anyone on the list. DONT PRE-JUDGE ANYONE or MAKE EXCUSES why you shouldn't share your business with them. Don't think that these are the only people you can tell about this!


In this section you will learn how to successfully follow the PS3 System.

P - Pique their interest

S - Share information

3 - 3 way close 


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