Learn Silver Subscription

Congratulations on purchasing the Learn Silver Subscription. I will be walking you through how to access and use the products included in your membership.  

Customer Portal Overview

In this video you will learn how to access your customer portal, access the products within your subscription, how to manage your subscription, how to add on products, and upgrade your membership.

World of Wisdom (WOW)

World of Wisdom is an online streaming platform that provides you with all of the education you need to become a consistently profitable trader. In the video below you will learn how to access  and navigate the WOW Platform so you can begin your trading education today!


The Be SHiFT App is the World's largest copy and paste Forex Trading tool. The platform is simple to use and extremely effective with 100% transparency! In this video you will learn how to access and use the SHiFT App. You will learn how to take trades using both android and Apple devices via MetaTrader 4 (MT4).



Create a Demo Account

Here you will find a step by step guide walking you through how to set up and log into your demo account today!

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Mind Hub

By upgrading to Learn Silver, you will get access to Mind Hub. Mind Hub is empowering others to reach their goals and pursue their dreams with access to 100's of courses on things like Forex, Crypto, Block Chain, Personal Development, E-Com, and much much more!

Available Upgrades

Below is a list of products not provided in your current subscription that you can upgrade to gain access.

Learn Gold

By upgrading to Learn Gold you will gain access to Orakle, and Sense.


Orakle is a platform where you will sharpen your practical trading skills by utilizing its proprietary tools, developed by our industry professionals with unrivaled technology and used by our Master Educators and tens of thousands of traders from all around the world to optimize their own entries and exits.


Sense is an effective communication platform, it is comprised of community rooms organized by channels, private groups, and direct messaging. With Sense you have the ability to connect and engage with your favorite educators.

Learn Gold Prime

By upgrading to Learn Gold Prime you will gain access to Orakle, Sense, WS Titan, NFX, and Relic.


Just like the SHiFT App, WS Titan gives you the ability to copy and paste trade ideas. With consistent results week over week for Indices like US30, GER30, and NAS100 people from all around the world are winning!



Relic is a market prediction algorithm that provides trade ideas for the crypto currency market.



Nitro Forex is the App that will deliver in the palm of your hands the right moment and the right opportunities in the market. NFX is our version of Binary Options (money in minutes).