Established in 2020

Thomas and Ali identified a huge need in the online space for mentorship. They quickly realized that there are way too many aspiring entrepreneurs with lack of leadership and tools. The idea for The Stream Hackers came to them during a late night conversation; they assessed the current field and knew they had to take action.


Welcome to The Stream Hackers, where innovation meets integrity. The most consistent and effective approach to becoming a seven figure income earner is multiple streams of income. Here at The Stream Hackers, we are engineered to help you create and generate multiple streams of income.


Our founders work night and day to ensure everyone in our network has access to BE, inc. opportunities for YOU to create momentum and income. We pride ourselves in the ability to fully vet every opportunity we present to the public.


With technology on the rise and uncertainty about the future of employment due to artificial intelligence, finding alternative ways to generate an income source outside of a salary is mission critical.

Core Values

Integrity - We operate with the utmost integrity, always.


Give back - Community outreach and global touch


Resolute - We will always stand strong and encourage others to do the same.


Think Big - Push ourselves to think bigger than even our wildest dreams.


Exclusivity - We are and will always be one of a kind. We only compete with ourselves


Ecosystem - Provide the environment for individuals to thrive


Customer Obsessed - Our clients' outcomes are the lifeblood of our organization, we are obsessed with our clients' positive experiences.


Inclusion & Diversity - We are diverse; we welcome all with open arms and push to be better daily.

Meet The Founders


Ali Saleh

Ali Saleh is inspired to change the lives of millions of people on this planet. His number one goal in life is to create solutions for people’s problems and provide them a safety net in today's uncertain financial times. His success and the success of those around him are his duty, obligation, and responsibility. Helping people tackle today’s problems that the average household faces is paramount to his mission. Ali is amazing at helping people lead better lives by showing them how wealth and financial freedom can help people lead a more prosperous life.


Ali has been a full time entrepreneur since 2018 after he walked away from his corporate sales job to pursue his passions and dreams in life. He figured out quickly that the financial markets were the fastest and most effective way to help average people break the cyclical cycle of living check to check and going from one dead end job to the next. Ali placed his first trade in 2016 and knew his life would never be the same.


Today he sees the importance of spreading the message of time freedom, peace of mind, and living life by design. He has dedicated his entire life currently to help people from all different walks of life achieve their dream of time freedom. It is important to note that Ali, co-founder of The Stream Hackers, is best equipped to lead you on the path of more success. Ali’s relentless approach to help people get the most out of themselves is like something most have never seen. Ali’s flag is planted DEEP in ensuring you have everything you need to come out on top through the most competitive times of our lives!

Instagram: @Ali.wealth

Thomas Carver

Thomas Carver is 29 year old happily married father of 4. He served 6 years in the United States Army, did 2 tours to Afghanistan, then was medically retired from the Army in 2014.

In 2013, Thomas was introduced to the Online Marketing Industry. Within his first 12 months he was already making a six figure income with a team of over one thousand people.

Throughout the next few years Thomas focused on becoming the best he could be in his field. From selling 20 cars a month in a dealership, to writing over 500 insurance policies, Thomas made sure people knew his name everywhere he went.

He even ran his own business polishing semi tractors and trailers all over the United States and Canada. After the birth of his youngest son he knew that it was time to hang up his hat and focus on being the best father and husband he could be.


Now, when Thomas isn't spending time with his wife and children, he is trading currencies on the Foreign Exchange Market, creating content for his team, and building out his business.

​Thomas has a passion for inspiring people to do more, have more, and become more. 


Thomas and his brothers and Business Partners, Ali Saleh and JJ Uribe, co-founded The Stream Hackers and the Lion's Den to give back to the community of Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs by helping them build and scale their online businesses. 

Instagram: @CoachCarver


JJ Uribe

JJ Uribe has been working for himself for more than a decade. He started as a blue-collar worker for the railroad right after high school. In 2009, JJ saw an opportunity to invest in real estate and speculate in the stock market. That set him up to where he has not had a 9-5 in over a decade. In 2013, he got into the network marketing industry. He became a top 1 percent earner in both companies he previously worked for and became a corporate trainer. Today JJ Uribe is a professional Sports Bettor in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a Sergeant in the United States Army. He is one of the founders of the Forever Focused Group, which is a group dedicated to helping team members learn how to trade and build an online business. JJ Uribe is an advocate of servant leadership, which is the backbone of what it takes to be a successful network marketer. JJ Uribe has partnered up with his friends and business partners, Thomas Carver and Ali Saleh, as co-founders of the Stream Hackers. Their mission is to help online marketers, entrepreneurs, speculators and people from all walks of life to succeed in their field and scale their business to astronomical heights.

Meet The Leaders


No too long ago I use to work at a low-level job that didnt appreciate my work. Over-worked & Under-paid. Im sure you've all heard this story before, right? But thats because so many of us can relate.So I decided to make one of the scariest decisions of my life, to take matters into my own hands & find a way to make money from home. Time is precious, and something we can never get back. But if you want HAVE time, you have to TAKE time. I now work from home. I able to spend more time with my kids. And everyday we are help thousands of people around the globe do the same. My name is Paul Caicedo. Im a father of 2 beautiful young girls, and I'm forever grateful for Stream Hackers and what they've done for our family. Instead of thinking about a million reasons why you shouldn't do something, think of just ONE reason why you should.

Paul Caicedo


Nicholas Lal

From trading sports cards, to standing in line at Toys R Us at 4 AM in December waiting for the hottest toys of the holidays to come out, I've always had entrepreneurship in my blood. There is a certain thrill about determining one’s own income that has always intrigued me and led to me to leaving a six-figure job as a software engineer in 2015 because it did not fulfill my mission in life of helping people live life on their own terms when I, myself, was not. Since 2015, I've started multiple successful business ventures ranging from real estate, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and financial instruments. With all that said, nothing means more to me than being able to help someone succeed and having a positive impact on their life. I go into every meeting making sure the other person leaves feeling better than they did prior to meeting me.

Tony Cano

Hey, my name is Tony Cano (23). I'm a self-made multiple six-figure earner and well on my way to secure my first seven-figures while being a full-time entrepreneur and day trader. Now is the time I want to give back and impact the masses on how to be, do, & have everything they truly desire at the end of the day. But there's something you have to realize - I am no different than you, and you are no different than me. However, everyone has a story behind who they are now today. First off, my family is far from rich & wealthy. I come from a very hard background where I had to grow up and become a man at a very young age, and without a father. I no longer wanted to see my mom struggle and work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. This is what made me see the bigger picture of life. You can never get rich or even wealthy working 2-3 jobs - Just. Over. Broke. (JOB). You'll end up just getting by and this is what they classify the "rat race". Most people get stuck here for about 40-60 years. But at the same time you cannot have a poor mindset when it comes to your growth - Passing. Over.


Opportunities. Repeatedly. (POOR). Most expect to become rich overnight in most cases and that's why most quit on their dreams and aspirations sadly - Residual. Income. Creates. Happiness. (RICH). This is what I mean about seeing the bigger picture. That's when everything started to evolve. I have spent 3 strong years finding all the "secrets" to success. Now that I see the bigger picture, I can now help the masses, one by one, crack the cashflow code as well.  Once I cracked the code I became limitless, because now it's way bigger than me, it's about everyone around me. Instagram: @CashFlowCano

Mesha Uribe

My name is Mesha Uribe. I graduated from Sac State with a degree in Psychology and I currently work in the Social Work Department at UNLV. I have dedicated much of my professional career towards helping others and figuring out ways to better myself in the process. One question I consistently find myself asking is "how does one measure success?" There are honestly so many answers and perspectives to this question. Personally, I strive to not only be the best version of myself, but to help others achieve the same. I have worked since I was 15 years old and I do not regret it at all. However, my dad starting his own business inspired me as a kid to want the same success and flexibility for myself. It took a while for me take the first step towards entrepreneurship, but I am grateful that I did. Being one of the co-founders of the Forever Focused Group, which is a group dedicated to helping team members learn how to trade and build an online business, has taught me that fear is your biggest obstacle, but once you take that leap of faith, it will be the best decision you make. Not only will breaking outside your mental boundaries set you up for greater success, but it will also allow you to expand your network and net worth to build profitable relationships for life. Instagram @Missey_Baybee


Rashila Smith

My name is Rashila Smith. One year after giving birth to my twins, I worked as a bus operator for the Transit Authority in Chicago. I had a horrible & aggressive work schedule that took lots of time away from my family & caused me to have bad health. In Sept 2019, I discovered an industry that literally changed my life. After a few months, I started earning more than what I made at my job so I retired Dec 2019. Since then, Ive been able to consistently profit from a $6 trillion dollar a day industry, successfully helping thousands of people worldwide do the same and now, all I have is TONS of time & money together which equals FREEDOM. If I can do this, you can do this. Instagram @RashilaSmith


Veronica Adames

New York born and raised, Veronica Adames aka Ms VBillies has been sharing her expertise in a plethora of diverse markets since 2007 including but not limited to health and fitness, financial services, network marketing, and the forex industry, which has provided her the ultimate FREEDOM to be a mom and an explosive entrepreneur, helping her meet her goal to positively impact 1 Billion lives. When she discovered the Secret, her life completely shifted! She’s touched thousands of people through her electric personality, raw approach and big heart! Well-known for her exclusive interviews on Fired Up Friday, she’s quickly becoming a hit topic on her SuperHuman Movement Podcast. Her previous life included traveling worldwide, building organizations of hundreds, gracing the mic as an MC for over 15 years in various settings including the red carpet for Premio Lo Nuestro and the Latin Billboards. She’s a phenomenal, highly sought after vocalist in South Florida as lead singer for the Red Eye Band, Celebration, and

collaborating with celebrities and legendary influencers. Although her passion lies primarily in singing and public speaking, she has 20 years in the health and fitness field as a Certified Health Coach (currently the CEO of The Super Human Movement) and currently expanded her love of coaching to include Forex trading, personal transformation and alongside the LightBeings Community through Creatorhood Initiate Training! Instagram: @Vbillies


Ontarian Hawkins

My name is Ontarian Hawkins, also known as "The Passive Income Guru"; I've been in the business of making money on and offline for well over 10 years. I've helped a massive amount of people realize and create their financial dreams using just a few of my strategies that I've learned over the years. Married with two daughters and a beautiful grandbaby, I am on a mission to not only create a legacy for my family, but to show others how to duplicate my success. I currently reside in Oklahoma and plan on traveling soon to spread my wealth of knowledge to others all across the nation. Instagram: @passive_income_guru